Zombie Noir

Zombie Noir

Zombie Noir – fake ad

Shot on: 5/7/2014

The Idea: While makeup artist, Malinda Ayers, was working on the boils on the second model for a shoot for Strange Aeons Magazine’s issue 15 I decided to head outside with Trixie to shoot her as a sexy zombie on a Buick Special 1954(?). I came up with the idea of turning into a fake ad while I was processing the day’s pictures back home.

The Model: Trixie is a fantastic model I’ve had the joy of working with several times. Her enthusiasm is intoxicating and only helps make the shoots all the more exciting. She’s definitely the prettiest zombie I’ll ever have the pleasure to shoot.

Brandon Fierro rocked it as well in and out of his snazzy suit. He was cool to shoot, had a great look and took direction well.

The Experience: This was the first shoot with makeup artist Malinda Ayers. We had experimented with boils and rotted dead makeup the day before, so I was confident she’d bring what was needed to the table. She brought it in spades. We collaborated really well feeding off each other’s creativity and bouncing ideas clearly and concisely.

The Rub: Two models, no assistants, one shoot. There was a lot to do on this shoot and no assistants to help with the makeup for two people. Malinda worked quickly and efficiently not needing supervision. This freed me up to take shoots for the magazine and for my own portfolio, using the same makeup for two different shoots.

The Gear: Canon T2i, 50mm 1.4f, 18 – 55mm kit lens, two speed lights, the sun and a single reflector.

You can also see the film that we ended up shooting for fun here.

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