Olivia Odd (Evil Sorceress)


Shot on: 8/6/2012

The Idea: I found the red feathery thing on Etsy, Having seen Olivia Odd’s work before I thought this would be an interesting item to let her work with. I reached out to her and she was kind enough to agree to the shoot. More to come on this one…

The Model: Olivia Odd gave me the first genuine thought of “Wow, this is why some models get paid well to do what they do.” Typically, I shoot for an hour or two and feel like I personally didn’t get the a great shot until after. Within the first fifteen minutes I knew I had a ton of great shots all thanks to this lovely lady and her talent.

RANT had come with her to do the makeup. The combination of these two models who both had fantastic portfolios made me very nervous. Having just started shooting models I didn’t want to disappoint either of them or feel like I was wasting their time. Luckily, the shoot turned out great and both of them did a great job.

The Experience: Nervous as I was to have these two ladies working with me on a shoot it all worked out pretty damn well. It was great to experiment with the one prop we had and see what combination of things we could do with it. Of course, once I saw the rib cage corset I felt I had to shoot that too.

The Rub: Two very talented ladies working with one very green photographer. As listed above, I was concerned. The thing is when you work with pros your live becomes a whole lot easier and I can’t thank them enough for that.

The Gear: Canon T2i, 18 – 55mm kit lens, 1 to 3 speedlights and a black muslin backdrop.

Side note: Olivia Odd and I eventually improvised a short film shoot that you can see at http://www.realjas.bitterbalcony.com/keepsake/.


Olivia Odd (Evil Sorceress)


<– pre and post-processing/makeup

View the entire set here*.

*Note: You have to login to Flickr to see the nude shots.

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