Kindra Nicole (improvised)

Look 1:


Look 1, plus cigarette:


Look 2:


Shot on: 1/28/12

The Idea: We shot this in her apartment with my continuous lights and muslin backdrops. There was no theme in mind, but she showed me some jewelry that she had and wanted to shoot something similar to another image that she had. For some reason, I really wanted to shoot her smoking. This was also intended something to have in the vintage shoot. After shooting a few shots without the cigarette I mentioned that we should go get some squares and we did. The results were much better than I had originally pictured, pun intended. Despite not being in vintage wardrobe she still managed to pull of a detective-style damsel with the cigarette. I even managed to make a fake pulp magazine cover with one of the images (link coming soon).

After a while of that and the fact that she had another model coming in for her to photograph we moved on to a second wardrobe and took the second set of shots. The experiment proved that I should probably give myself a little more credit and that Kindra and I made a good team. It was also my first shoot with hair and makeup that wasn’t done by the model herself. Valerie Vanity worked on Kindra’s makeup and Bear Elle styled Kindra’s hair. It was a pleasure to work with both of these lovely ladies and I was fortunate enough to work with them again later on.

The Model: I can’t recall if I found Kindra Nicole or if she found me first, but once I saw her images I thought she would look great doing some kind of vintage shoot out in the city. Over the course of talking about the shoot she invited me over for a test shoot a few weeks before our scheduled vintage shoot. Being nervous to shoot a model that I didn’t know as a friend first, I accepted the offer.

The Experience: This was a good learning experience in both how working with models would be and working with a bit of a crew. There were some technical lessons learned as I used my two lenses to create the set of images above. Overall, a very positive experience for someone who was just starting to dabble in photographing models.

The Rub: Being new to photographing models and this being the first photo shoot that wasn’t with someone I was already friends with came with its own set of challenges. Not knowing what we were going to shoot going in was as freeing as it was worrisome. My biggest fear with TF shoots is feeling like I might waste someone’s time. Thankfully, I’ve managed well enough on that front.

The Gear: Canon T2i, 50mm 1.8f, 18-55mm kit lens, continuous lights and muslin backdrops.

View the entire set here.

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