Kindra Nicole (vintage)

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Shot on: 2/25/12

The Idea: The idea originated from my looking through Kindra Nicole’s work and thinking that she would look great in a vintage getup hanging out around Seattle, with a long cigarette holder. After an improvised shoot with Kindra we planned on finally making this long-discussed shoot happen. We headed out to Pioneer Square, for some locale’s I remember standing out to me, and began shooting a classy with a hint of sad photo shoot.

The Model: Having worked with Kindra once before and it going swimmingly I was comfortable. We had been in steady communication for a while by then and had a good idea of how each other works. Needless to say, Kindra is a joy to work with. I think I felt it right off the bat that we had all the right ingredients, from hair to makeup to model to concept. She emoted exactly what I had requested and rocked the shoot.

The fur coat was Kindra’s idea. Having had to reschedule (not a big deal) a few times she took it upon herself to rent the vintage jacket for the shoot and I couldn’t be more thrilled that she did.

Once again the lovely crew from our first shoot helped out. Bear Elle styled the hair perfectly and Valerie Vanity did Kindra’s makeup before we headed out for the city. Both gals proved invaluable to the shoot and raised it to a higher level than I thought I would be able to pull off.

The Experience: This was the first shoot I had done in the city. It was cold, but Kindra powered through, so that we can get the shots we were looking for. This was also the first time I had a photographer take photos of a model I was shooting. He asked and while it was odd it wasn’t a big deal. The Irish pub, Fado, was kind enough to let us shoot inside, which led to some other unplanned shots. If you get a chance to drop by help yourself to their Shepard’s Pie. It’s ridiculous.

The Rub: Working with natural light we had to deal with the sun’s schedule. There were some minor setbacks at first, but they were overcome by Kindra’s ability to power through just about anything. The random street photographer that jumped in was, again, odd, but not a big deal and didn’t really eat into our time much. Thankfully, there aren’t any city horror stories from this one.

The Gear: Canon T2i, 50mm 1.8f lens and possibly a 55mm-250mm telephoto

View the entire set here and here.

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