Keepsake from JAS on Vimeo.

Shot:  11/26/12

The Idea: Olivia Odd and I were hanging out about to meet up with some friends for a drink when she got the itch to shoot a film.  I thought up a quick film to shoot and we got to it!  We had twenty minutes from the time of the itch to the time we had to leave.  Thankfully, we were able to work fast and get it all filmed before heading out.

The Model: Olivia Odd and JAS

The Experience: This was a lot of fun to shoot.  Working on something with such an incredibly short timeline it really made us have to shoot with only what we had on hand at the moment.  Her backpack served as a perfect storage device for the surprise twist at the end.

There was one hiccup that really was upsetting.  This was shot on my Canon soon after installing Magic Latern on it.  It looked like I was setting the ISO per shot that I wanted, but I didn’t realize the camera was forcing an ISO of 64,000, which lowered the quality of the video greatly.  I did some post production work to clean up the image, but it still looks pretty degraded.  Live and learn.

The Rub: Working damn fast.  As mentioned above, it was quite the challenge.

The Gear:  I shot this mostly with a 50mm/1.8f lens at an accidental ISO of 64,000 (Magic Lantern bug).  I used an iPad as a fill in the opening scene.  The rest of the lighting was natural light.

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