Damara Moon (Caravela)


Shot: 11/12/11

The Idea: “Day of the Dead” shoot.  Damara Moon and I would get together paint her face in the appropriate makeup and shoot her with some props, like a vintage Polaroid, October pumpkin and whatever else we could find.  It was my early days, I was working with what I had… Don’t judge.

The Model: Damara Moon. I mentioned this shoot to Damara and we made it happen.  We should have gone the makeup route that I originally thought up.  It would have cracked less and gave us more time.

The Experience: It was really interesting to see the supposed acrylic face paint, which I doubted originally, crack up way faster than we had planned.  Seriously, though… Use an airbrush and avoid all this cracking crap.

The Rub: Nothing past getting this lovely gal’s face covered in acrylic makeup.  She knew what she was getting into.  The outfits were her idea, which I agreed with.

The Gear:  Working from memory, I shot this mostly with a 50mm/1.8f lens and possibly a 55mm-250mm telephoto at 800 ISO, mostly.  I used two cheap continuous lights I picked up from Amazon and a white and black muslin backdrop.  I also used some Polaroids and a 35MM camera for this shoot.

View the entire set here.

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