Damara Moon (black and white)

Shot:  8/28/11

The Idea: Back in 2011 I had already had a road trip mostly planned for me to play with my new DSLR and learn all about how to use it.   After that was done I was gaining an increasing interest in shooting models in a controlled environment with some hard lighting, a lot of black in a series of black and white images.  That led to me contacting Damara Moon.

The Model: Damara Moon. I had seen Damara several times earlier, in my then job, sporting a Mohawk.  Heck, sporting is not the term, but rocking.  There are few ladies that can rock a Mohawk and Damara was one of them.  By the time I had seen some modeling pictures from her she had ditched the Mohawk and crown a lovely, more socially acceptable, haircut.  A few messages and a few hangouts later Damara and I were having a shoot.

The Experience: Damara was a hoot to shoot with. We shot a series of images, most of which she lit from the sides with the center of her in the dark.  The rim lighting was exactly what I was hoping for.

The Rub: Damara totally knew about it, but the endgame was to shoot our own version of the American remake of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” poster.  There was something great in that poster and I really wanted to reshoot the thing.  The final image of the night met that success.  See it here.

The Gear:  Working from memory, I shot this mostly with a 50mm/1.8f lens and possibly a 55mm-250mm telephoto at 800 ISO, mostly.  I used two cheap continuous lights I picked up from Amazon and a white and black muslin backdrop.

View the entire set here.

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