JAS My pseudonym is Jas. I’m a 30-something year old man who loves the arts. I’m a huge fan of films and photography and a co-founder/writer for Bitter Balcony. I’ve been known to be the harsher voice of the duo and for good reason; when you have millions to make a movie it has no excuse as to why it sucks.

I’m also the co-creator of Workforce, a web series that I also star and write for. Amongst my other film credits I’m also the editor of the award winning “The Shunned House” and a series of other films.

I have been a panelist at Crypticon Seattle for three years now talking about my love for great horror films and my hate for the bad ones. I also judge films for their film festival and for MIFFF.

I normally have a myriad of projects going on that range from filmmaking to photography to game development. I developed the well-received “Kit’s ABC Adventure” and “Seek Me”.

While I plan on keeping this site focused on my photography with the aside of my filmmaking I may make general announcements for my future games, art/photo prints and the music I dabble in.

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